Unity is who you truly are, it is your your home, your natural state of being free of distortion, perversion and duality. It is sacredness, sovereignty, empowerment and freedom in every sense.

Unity is the God itself, and at the same time it is all it’s Original Expressions of different aspects of God, it is your true individuality (through your Specific Original Divine Blueprint), while existing in the sacred union with God and your Highest Spirit (duality, perversion and distortion free).
Unity is achieved through the Sacred Marriage called also Hieros Gamos, which is the UNIFICATION between:

1. GOD (represented by your Highest Spirit) and the HUMAN BEING (including all DIMENSIONS of you).

2. All that is and all its POLARITIES

3. All ASPECTS of you:
Spiritual aspect           – I know the truth. (Divine Consciousness)

Emotional aspect       – I feel the truth. (Higher feelings).

Mental aspect             – I think the truth. (Higher Mind)

Physical aspect           – I express the truth. (Doing, Action, Expression).
When all aspects of you are unified in the sacred marriage, you know, feel, think and express the same, you become the highest divine truth of who you are, your pure Divine Blueprint (color), Unity Consciousness embodied.
Unity can be achieved only through the unconditional love and understanding at the same time, as both together make the alchemical process of integration of the divine truth, the consciousness possible.
And so it is the way of healing and transcending our distortions, perversions, (negative ego), emotional pain and inner polarities, inner conflicts which cause inner duality (bi-wave consciousness); through “beyond human” love, de-coding our illusionary reality (seeing the truth) and balancing all polarities within us; which make possible the merging of these oposite inner forces – the polarity integration into the Neutral Zero Point Energy Field, into their Divine Union of Christ (Unity) Consciousness.
It is so, how the Bi-wave consciousness (polarity, dual functioning) is merged into the Three wave consciousness of Sacred Trinity, which unites back into the Unity (God) – Zero Point field, which is the Original Crystalline Matrix – Christ (Unity) Consciousness Matrix (personal, planetary, galactic and inter-dimensional).
This crystalline matrix and body architecture is absolutely free of the old parasitic vampiric matrix. As you are unifying from inside of you, you are creating step by step this Crystalline Body Temple, which is connected and form a part of the Crystalline Matrix, which allows us becoming free of the old parasitical death energy alimentation matrix and to become a Sovereign Unity Being, directly connected to the Godhead, Life Force energy matrix.
UNIFICATION is the Home Coming Process (in inside out direction according to the Divine Order) of liberating us from the organic and/or artificial limitations created by us or others, and becoming our true nature, Unity Whole Complete Being in our individual Original Divine Blueprint.

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