Another big step in Embodying Christos-Sophia Unity.

Feeling changes in your body and it’s energetic system? ⊙ From now (Andromeda gateway opening) it will be possible here for all Unity holders to anchor and FLOW Unity in this so much greater level, into our bodies and to the planet Earth (the time of its beginning was in December 2016 in subatomic level). ⊙ We were waiting for so long for the right conditions on the Earth and within the collective to be matched into this point, when is possible to start embodying and anchoring the Sacred Unity, the Sacred Marriage, Sacred Trinity within and without.
And so now we are passing much further from being the Unity holders (“having the oneness floating in the air” :)) to be the “anchorers” of it in materia, and so step by step starting becoming “it” – which is nothing less then starting manifesting the Divine (God) Human being finally and so bringing Heaven to the Earth – which is what is occurring much these last weeks, and still continue. ⊙ 12D Shielding and connecting and grounding to the Earth and to Andromeda helps and assist a lot these processes. 

For more info ↠ Article ↠ “Diamond Christic Sophianic Andromedan gateway opened”. 💗💛💙. 
Picture credit to: Unknown, please reclaim If necessary, thank you.

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