Diamond Christic-Sophianic Andromedan gateway open.

Since a week and half ago we are having huge UNITY FREQUENCIES coming through the new opened portal. These are facilitating UNITY & THREE WAVED (Sacred Three fold flame, Unity) ACTIVATIONS, and all ALCHEMICAL PROCESSES OF UNIFICATION between all what is separated, dualistic and in the conflict because of both – 1.) Us = SELF CREATED SEPARATION, and 2.) ARTIFICIALLY CREATED SEPARATION (previous article).

This is done now by reconstruction of our PERSONAL GRID SYSTEM and ORIGINAL UNITY RACE DNA (which is part of the personal and Earth grid) reconfiguration – which can not hold more nothing which is out of the CHRISTIC UNITY character, which makes to surface all these inner conflicts, believes and everything what was not permitting the unification and so the inner state of Divine Unity. 
These can be especially our survival fear based instincts, addictions, egocentric, narcistic and service to self characteristics and behaviors; lack of focus, interest and responsibility towards other beings, future generations, our planet; problems in relationships especially around sharing, co-creation, collaboration.. – if appear these last ones just check them out as many of relationship conflicts and Misunderstandings can be caused now (these weeks) also as the artificial webs are being released now (previous article), and/or because of mental control systems which intention NOW is more focused on to cause and maintain separation – inner outer, so go checking your thoughts and feelings a bit, or just be aware.
Outside it affects huge the same – the entire Grid web and life force flow of the Earth and so ours in absolutely EVERYTHING as till now the functioning was dual and oriented to create and maintain separation artificially, maintaining the Unity and Three fold flame waves SUPPRESSED, maintaining the disconnection from the Divine Mother.


So modifying the conduits of dead energy into the conduits of UNITY LIFE FORCE ENERGY FLOW is occurring now (as only Unity can create Life and this is done per parts), and so these conduits will be capable to transfer more and more amounts of Three waved Unitary Life Force Energy between DIAMOND HEART GATEWAYS of the Earth and so into the human bodies and our Diamond Hearts of Three fold flame Unity. This reconnects us back to the DIVINE MOTHER AGAIN, so healing around artificial separation from her can occur, as well as of all issues around relationship you – Divine Mother, but also Divine Father and Divine child Christos-Sophia. We can felt for ex. the 1.st, the 2.nd and the 3.rd chacra as most affected by this now.
Remember that unification happens in all levels – it means between heaven and Earth, between your highest Spirit and you (all your dimensions included), between body, heart and mind, etc. therefore anywhere where is some imbalance, distortion or conflict which is impeding the unification between all of them, it can show up for you to be processed, or just to wait till it is gone (in case of dissolution of artificial stuff).
Shielding, centering and grounding are imprescindible daily, you will notice the difference and it can seriously change much your day and your decisions. Heart centering, LOVE and compassion helps a lot as always and can be felt huuuge as we with this opened portal now.
P.S. I perceive ANDROMEDA as our Core Galactic UNITY Center. From now it will be possible here for all Unity holders to anchor and FLOW Unity in this so much greater level, into our bodies and to the planet Earth (the 1.st time of its beginning was in December 2016 in subatomic level).
We were waiting so long for the right conditions on the Earth and within the collective to be matched into this point, when is possible to start anchoring the Sacred Unity, the Sacred Marriage, Sacred Trinity within and without.
And so now we are passing much further from being the holders (“having the oneness floating in the air” :)) to be the “anchorers” of it, and so step by step starting becoming “it” – which is nothing less then manifesting the Divine (God) Human being finally and bringing Heaven to the Earth – which is what is occurring much these last weeks, let’s see how it continue to develop. 


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