Divorcing unsacred unions in order to make possible SACRED UNIONS and MARRIAGE. 

The state of UNITY, which is the natural state of being achieved through the Sacred Marriage (first individually, then externally) was artificially impeded here in various higher and lower dimensions, and especially on the planet Earth (which originally was a sacred unity planet).

Although this impediment of Unity and the ARTIFICIAL SEPARATION was one of the most special characteristics of this Universe, as the sacred original essences were stolen and used in anti-christic mixings, copying, multiplying techniques of unsacred “creation” already on the very Origins of the creation of the material part of this Universe (article Origins of this Universe part 1 and 2), and the same happenings were repeated various times after, during our whole history in various ways, later through the ANTI UNITY SYSTEM, which is ET technology to create Artificial Separation of everything that is NATURALLY ATTRACTED TO UNIFY BY VIBRATIONAL AFFINITY – creating artificial webs (matrixes), and altering the existing natural Matrix of the Earth and Astral plane, creating so artificial sexual and vital energy conduits connections, DNA (which is part of the matrix) modifying, genetic engineering, mental unconscious programming, manipulation and sealing, soul matrix manipulations, seals and artificial connection on subtle levels to souls which doesn’t match naturally by frequency and monadic affinity, technology causing artificial disconnection between Human and God (your Divine Spirit) also, creating so vampiric satanic parasitic system, etc.

As you can see, this was creating ARTIFICIAL ENERGETIC AND SEXUAL SLAVERY and CONNECTIONS between absolutely non resonant people, between dark and light, dual and unitary beings in order to serve them as sexual slaves, providers of energetic food, power and potential of creation in order to make themselves to be able to create too (as only Unity can create wholeness and completeness in divine will and order), and so these dark beings were positioning themselves on the top of their artificial piramidal structure.

The result of this was almost inhabiting DIVINE UNITY, SACRED MARRIAGE Alchemical Processes of Unifying in all levels – between human and God (integration of all personal dimensions included), between inner polarities (resolving inner conflicts which are causing inner duality and more polarization), unifying and aligning between our mind, heart and body, and between people, groups, business partners and clients, true friends and sacred TWIN FLAMES. It was also highly influencing the FINANCIAL FLOW, which was just the manifestation of this subtle invisible artificial reality. So the result in our 3D lives was that, even if we were saying goodbye to repetitive toxic relationships and trying to dissolve all unconscious programs around that, we were still attracting again and again the non resonant relationships.

This artificially created and maintained system of artificial separation was creating a VEIL OF INVISIBILITY and ARTIFICIAL INCOMPATIBILITY, even ELECTRO-MAGNETIC REPULSION BETWEEN RESONANT PEOPLE, twin flames, also within our own Monadic group, as well as CONFLICTS, and so even more it can seem as if there was more attraction (sexual also) to the enslavers as to the affinity ones, and also it could be manytimes experienced as more easier and less conflictive relationships, which were at the same time providing a certain strange sensation of tranquility in some way.

So this is what we are passing through now, and this can be done ONLY hand by hand with our INNER WORK of processing of OUR OWN SHADOW AND EGO STRUCTURES (thoughts, personalities, life style, unhealed emotions, sexual desires = EVERTYTHING WHICH IS PREVENTING US FROM INNER AND OUTER SACRED UNION (outer means PHYSICAL MEETINGS, having a sacred TWIN FLAME PARTNER relationship and FRIENDS,..). We need to take responsability and participate in these processes of inner and outer alchemy of unifying processes to make the new reality manifest from inside out.

All facilitated information is in order to BE AWARE, not in order to judge, blame, desempower, take away our responsabilities, or victimization of ourselves. Remember: “I am Sacred, I am Sovereign, I am Free. I am God.”

Image credit: Unknown, please reclaim if necesary.

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