Healing of Mother, Father God – child relationship. Discerning between false parents and true parents. Connecting with our true holy trinity core. 

We are going through healings and clearings of all kind of issues around artificial separation from our true Mother and Father God, and re-connecting with them again through heart, feelings and remembering how Mother Father God – Creator truly is, how is its true nature. This is happening in the inner way also – reconnecting you with you – as Mother Father God. ☀️ There is/was artificial disconnection through technology and artificial earth grid constructions between human (and non human races also) and spirit, God during thousands years on planet Earth in concrete. Another thing is that not all beings here, in this Universe have experienced in their past God itself or connection with it, as they didn’t descended from God house, but were created by fallen angels and/or by another already distorted creations (offsprings) of the fallen angels, and so they didn’t have the memory of God directly, and were born into already alternated artificial anorganic matrix, which was limiting the connection with the soul, spirit and God, and into the energetic structure based on vampirism. They were also programed to see them (fallen angels – between them the anunnakis, some of reptilian races, etc.) as their only creators, and the whole artificial matrix on Earth is/was based on maintaining this artificial separation between human and the holy trinity composed of true Mother-Father- Holy Child. Another thing is that, as I have already spoken in the article about the Origins of the creation of this Universe – it was already in that point of history, when were stolen for the first time (and then repeatedly) the sacred codes – Core Essences especially of the true Mother God, but also of Father, and their holy child, which were later use by these fallen angels in order to “create” their reality and beings – as their could not create by themselves, as only distortion and duality free (= conflict free) true love and consciousness is what has the power to create, and so they were just copying, pasting, colliding and mixing these codes, essences and geometries with their perverted ones, and so altering, forcing and violating the natural process of divine creation. ✨ It is since then when this sacred trinity – Mother-Father-Child – God, are incarnating into these realities and physician body lineages to recover and restore their parts which once were stolen, mixed, perverted and use to manipulate, submit and have power over others, to create the reality based on enslavement etc., by these fallen angel beings, which were and are incarnating here also. Therefore many of the creations, offsprings I have mentioned before, but also all of us, were always sensing from these fallen angel parents both – mix of the darkness and true divine mother father, child (androgenic God Unity child) and vice versa – so it could be sometimes challenging to distinguish between who is who, let’s say. Although only the open heart can discern, remember, trust and have faith in the divine which you are, to reclaim and reconnect with your true essence, and re-establish the connection between you and the holy trinity mother-father-child again. It is absolutely in our power to do so. And as we do, all these artificialities are being undone with help of our true star families in guidance of our higher selves-spirits. It is about our inner shadow work, balancing polarities through our inner neutrality point, how unity – the divine trinity can re-emerge within us as 3 primordial sounds and principles of God’s creation of which all is composed, and so it is through them like everything can be healed in almost surprising ways – if you let you to be healed. Especially through the inner connection and relationship with the true divine mother (not her false representatives which connect to darkness) that true healings can occur. Josep and I have the original templates which holds this sacred unity – trinity essences, when the word original means previous to any distortion, perversion and duality, and so if you would like to receive some help in your own inner processes of integration of the sacred trinity and divine unity in your physical body, you are welcome. I would like to remind, that this is not about any kind of gurus or salvations anymore, this is just what we are and so we offer this assistance here on the Earth on the personal, planetary and universal ascension processes. We are working now on the descriptions of each session, so you may have more clarity around what we offer. What is already disponible for you now is the What you need now session, and the Divine Spark session. Many blessings, Petra & Josep

Picture credit: all rights to Disney, Rapunzel movie. 

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