I am sacred, I am sovereign, I am free. I am God. 

This affirmation I use every day. It helps in many ways as for example to maintain the empowerment and to create the sacred space for you and your home, as it repulse all negative energies and astral entities naturally when irradiating sovereignty, sacredness, self love and power, as the sacredness is all about INNER POSITIONING into this state of being. ✨ It helps us to transform unconscious believe patterns of powerlessness, dependency, when unconsciously giving power to others, problems with saying NO & establishing healthy boundaries,… I use it also directly in situation when feeling harsh energies. It is important to maintain us empowered and sacred on daily basis and more when processing and integrating new energies. Daily 12 D shielding is also very helpful (you can see some how to on the internet – YouTube). ✨ UNITY HAS SACRED BOUNDARIES, UNITY MEANS SOVEREIGNTY. ✨

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