???Who are you??? And ???What color are you???

😂 This would be a result of what I was talking about in the article “False images, false mirrors, false attractions – why law of attraction not always works.” – which was about creating artificial mixtures between sacred divine rays & distorted rays in haven – and we have just find this while shopping today 😂 This article I wrote is still so valid right now (and will be for long), as we are cleansing all sacred rays -us (our true identity & uniqueness), and returning them back to divine order again – as these artificial and forced mixes between pure colors (light) and distorted colors (dark) had catastrophic results in creation, and are affecting us all till today. How? -> that article. ✨Therefore you can possible notice identity crisis lately, as many positive qualities which were stolen in origin (“war in heaven n.1) are being returned to their original sacred ray owners and vice versa, all dark qualities – in other words – all dark stuff that is NOT truly yours, is being return to their original owners to be processed by them. Because when you mix dark with light, dark start to shine – because of the light & colors that are not its own! This dark being start also to have access to the gifts, powers and consciousness which are not his/her own, but stolen, and which are not corresponding to its level of consciousness. And when you mix light with dark, it darkens – because of the dark stuff which is not its! And with this also all powers, abilities etc. descent and are in use of the other (dark being) because of that non sacred sharing! Therefore it is sometimes difficult to be really seen – by yourself & by others – who you truly are, which stuff is truly yours. These mixes were done by stoling original divine codes in very origins and so the material part of reality, bodies included, were created from this situation & facts, and became the part of DNA & the old matrix we are renewing now. The result was a bit like in the photo 😂 wearing multiple masks. P.s. What I am speaking about doesn’t include natural kind of merging so between sacred rays and colors.. Hope it is understandable, it is a bit difficult to write about whole story of this Uni in IG posts 🙈 If you would like to ask something, you are welcome. Nice weekend guys! 🌈☀️💗

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