ROOTS. Cleaning, renewal and reinforcement (occurring now). 

Hi guys!!! Red sacred flame is being purified (this has started week and half ago approx.) and with it all issues around root (but also sacral chacra) related issues – especially fears vs our true self -> true expression, true desires.. So we are re-checking our roots – to be more stable in order to create our new reality. Free of fears to be able to step in our truth and BE YOU FULLY AND FIRMLY, without pleasing and adjusting to old, false and no longer functional realities of others and so be “sitting in two chairs at the same time”. To be free of all non true selves and realities created by us or others (or artificially). Many of non true selves projections popping out as well as self sabotaging programs, fears – which has to do a lot with relationships, survival, financial securities,.. It is very much about DISCOVERING AND UNVEILING YOUR TRUE IDENTITY – true divine blueprint and history of your spirit and COMMITMENT TO YOUR DIVINE SPIRIT YOU ARE. When you know or at least feel Who You Are, your truth you are self confident, secure, and have strong roots so nobody can lay you down easily (neither energetically – and here is huge difference I am experiencing now) and you can start to grow up your sacred seeds and create 🌱 your-our new reality 🌍 from such a different state. If you have read my last post you know how I am passing through these processes myself!!! 😅🙃- yes, still! 😂 Much of letting In and even much more of LETTING GOes – in my case mostly fears 💩😂 needs to be done. It is so much about TRUST THAT THING ALREADY WORKS NEW WAY! And so much less and harder if you insist to exist and make things done in old way… 😣 Sensibility is strengthen in order to feel the truth (especially about you) – and I tell you, when I thing some untruth about me, it feels bad now, and so I know for sure I am – in my case mostly assuming responsibilities or characteristics of others. That’s how it works now. 😘😘😘 xoxo & Blessing for all of YOU! 💕

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