Let the TRUTH to be SEEN.

💚✨And this only can be done tuning INSIDE of you. YOU KNOW. Everything is within, nothing is without. ✨💚 Noticing much “noice” in “the air” (part of collective) energetically, mentally, false projections, false realities continue – all very out warded “flow” which tends to drug the focus out, selfdoubt, cause insecurity, sensation of being lost, etc. in order to give power to others, to give up, don’t believe in you, your dream, light Unity player.. 💕 This is part of clearings which are occuring now, as we are changing the old matrix – Earth Grid which was artificially modified & based on false realities, for the new unitary one ~ the natural divine one. This affect our subtle bodies too as we are part of the grid system, our bodies have a grid system too, which is natural to have it, just changing the old for the new. This changes are bringing up these false realities and everything which is not longer beneficial in any way for you, us. The sense of very freedom can be sensed at the same time. Breathe, calm, go in 🐢🙂 let go, let in. Love to all 🌸🌱 

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