Healing past traumas related to your divine gifts vs. others.

Healing past traumas related to who you are, your essence, divine gifts, unique expression vs. others. Did you felt seen, recognized, loved, appreciated by others? How was your experience here? Share down below or message us your experience if you like. Many past relationships pops out to be seen and healed. I feel many false projections towards myself and other Unity beings now with intention to cause a self doubt, to hurt, frustrate and give up.. Be careful with these, light Unity workers. This year is huge about unveiling the Truth, so ✨Let the Truth to be shown. ✨Unicorns as true magical beings are helpful in these kind of issues. Believe in Yourself. 🦄 More -> my previous posts ➡️ Reconection with the Joy and Truth of who you are; Why law of attraction not always works, false image, false mirrors, false attractions; I see the true about me and let go of all lies. ☀️ 

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