Reconnecting with the joy and truth of who you are. YOUR TIME HAS COME.

Energy update: HUUUGE PURGE of EVERYTHING around WHO YOU ARE. Still diving deep, still contraction and introspection energy… Many of light workers are healing trauma around “Who you are”, your uniqueness, special gifts and the concept of life purpose, mission connected to that. Energies are still helping us to see the truth about who you are – and so let go of all untruths created by us, others, or which were part of the old programming – old matrix, Anunnakis DNA programmings (when creating humans) of different types of slaves, etc. Many programs around MARTYRDOM, SLAVERY AND HARD WORK related to LIFE PURPOSE, spiritual MISSION are been cleared. This is also because many (not all) Light workers incarnated to this dual material Universe (which was a creation and the result of their rebellion of Fallen Angels), just because of unconditional love and unity consciousness, and after that during the history there were few more rebellions and so another unnecessary and after all ARTIFICIAL PROLONGATIONS of this dual – and let’s be honest, not very enjoyable experience. Prolongation due to many illegal interferences as moving time backwards, anunnakis and others reducing DNA strands from 12 to 2, etc. etc.. But THIS NOW IS GONE. THE GAME OF DUALITY IS OVER. In 3D world it may seem all the contrary, because they want us to believe again, that it is not over, and to make us fear. Last contractions.. They still have power, but much less power. It is OVER and IT IS IRREVERSIBLE. That’s the message for you. If you look behind the scenes and what you see, you can sense THEIR FEAR, as they know they were seen by too many.. Their frustration of that THINGS ARE NOT WORKING THE WAY THEY WERE BEFORE AND THIS WILL CONTINUE.. And we are telling them – we will not blame you or attack you. But we say NO. NO MORE OF THIS FALSE REALITY, and NO TO ARTIFICIAL INTERFERENCES. I always said that even this duality would be not recognizable without artificial interferences. ✨ But back to the topic ~ as we are healing some traumas around Who we are, at the same time we are guided to 🐬 reconnect with our truth, our pure essence, our child joy of Who you are 🐬, OPEN US TO RECEIVE FULLY AAALL THE BLISS, love, easiness and playfulness – all the blessings of the New True Reality which we are creating now, which is the only divine truth of the divine unity reality, as all the martyrdom, slavery and hard work was part of the old distorted and perverted reality. Yes we can live here 🌍so much better, believe it, imagine it and Do – express who you are, your time has come. ✨ It is also a lot about INER – OUTER POSITIONING, SELF CONFIDENCE AND SELF ESTIME and so MANIFESTING YOU HERE🦄. BELIEVE IN YOU, STEP FIRM INTO YOUR POWER OF WHO YOU TRULY ARE. ✨ Many blessings 🐬

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