ABUNDANCE. I let go of all old survival fears and control. I change my fight for trust.

This year many patterns around abundance are being released (as the part of creating of the strong basis) – if we assist and honor our processes of unification ~ integration. This is part of what I was speaking about in the post about the Green Ray 🌱and its importance in 2017. Last weeks and days the coming energies are really guiding us to let go of all “survival fears”. What I see is that it is very much about PHYSICAL BODY release now, as all these dense structures of very ancient geometries and patterns of survival, fear, fight, hard work, competition, comparison, etc. are literally leaving the body where they were stored – bones, teeth, muscles, etc.. It is a lot about ALLOWING the flow to flow IN and OUT through you, breathing, RELAXING into it, recovering the TRUST in your higher self and the divine. Letting go of all thoughts and “ticks” ~ reactions, actions, familiar habits around distortions around abundance – not only around money, as abundance is so many qualities. In fact, if you know a bit the story of the creation of this Uni (previous articles), it shows basic patterns and agenda of this Uni, you see that it is so just much around Abundance, sacredness, health. Ego vs love and unity consciousness, sovereignty, relax and trust in the divine ~ all these now returning into its divine NATURE step by step. This year, if we maintain us grounded, centered and aligned with our specific frequency signature, honoring your processes, these could become now a bit more easier than years before. We should starting to notice a bit more this strong basis in us, we were creating years before, and now, in the next 9 year cycle we are just kind of “REAFFIRMING” and MAINTAINING our positions, all we have already done years before. My higher self is telling me we are doing so great! 🙂😍💖 Last weeks is not very good time for “DOING”, hard working, thinking and taking actions. It is still about the VOID (post Exploring the Void). Go in and LET THE MIRACLES HAPPEN, LET YOUR HIGHER SELF, GOD, LIFE TO FIND YOU. 🌸☀️🌱Don’t work too hard as we used to till now in order to achieve abundance. Changes are happening here in many levels of strange things of this Uni, which were causing why “law of attraction” was not quite functioning here ~ previous posts. Love to all! Let it in! And out also 😂👍🏻😘💖

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