You matter. We are one. ☀️ The New Age motto of “do not enter to victim – agresor – savior = drama circles”, and of “You are the creator of your reality” – both these are many times used especially in “spiritual” circles – in very wrong way – as an excuse for self interested living in ignorance, self glorification, narcissism and greed.. ☀️ I am agree that I am creator and Co-creator of my reality (with my higher self and collective of the – family, City, State, Earth collective,..) and I do not enter to victim-agresor-savior and drama circles, situation,.. but we need to DISTINGUISH between different situations. WE ARE NOT INDEPENDENT NEITHER DEPENDENT. WE ARE SOVEREIGN – and EVERY PART OF THE BIG PUZZLE COUNTS AND ITS NOTICEABLE. YOUR COCREATION or NOT- COCREATION IS NOTICED AND IS IMPORTANT. One another thing – not everybody is meant to be spiritual coach or healer. MATERIA and EVERYTHING ELSE IS EQUALLY IMPORTANT. Find who you are – is usually what your passion is – and many times the passion is hidden behind the worst fears or blockages you can have, so it not necessarily needs to seem as your passion at the first sight. Go in and feel, open your heart wild to receive the whole blessing of who you are and your gifts. It is such a huge blessing FOR YOU, which will possibly change your whole life to better beyond your wildest dreams, slower or quicker, but it will. It is the best gift you can give to you, and TO THE WHOLE FAMILY OF ONE we are. When you are aligned with who you are and your – and this is enormously important ~ ✨UNIQUENESS✨, your ✨SPECIAL GIFTS✨ and you share them in sacred ways – you are such a BLESSING for entire Universe and beyond also. I choose the adventure of self- discovering and embodying of who I am here. Crossing all the borders of the known, of traditions and familiarities. IT IS TIME TO BE HONEST WITH ONESELF. What has TRUE VALUE IN THIS LIFE for you? ✨ Wish you happy self-discovering dear unity family. 🌈 it is challenging, you need courage, self love, patience.. all happens in Divine Timing. It is FUN and beyond BEAUTIFUL and MAGICAL..🦄✨It is ADVENTURE OF COMING BACK HOME. ❤️💛💚💙💜 P.S. Divine Spark activation is 👍🏻 for this. ✨

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