WHY LAW OF ATTRACTION NOT ALWAYS WORKS? False image, false mirrors, false attractions. Sounds familiar?

Sounds familiar? Now – it was functioning both ways = angels seemed to be (and were confused with) demons and demons -> angels. Everything upside down. Demons irradiating aura and charisma of the angels, having divine connection and channelings – ideas, creativity, etc., natural self estime, divine gifts, powers, abilities, abundance, recognition, many good friends, help, support, easiness in everything – and some of angles (not all and not always) – all the contrary, and what I saw many times – most pure and powerful angel, starseed was, more she/he seemed to be many things, but not who really was (if not the contrary) in all areas I have just mentioned – if you don’t take a look beyond the obvious. How it is possible? It has to do with violation and steeling of the sacred pure essences, divine codes, using ilegal gadgets, techniques etc. (by fallen angels) since before the creation of this material part of this Universe (POST “Story of this Universe” part 1&2) and during its existence – when Anunnaki, reptilians, Archs and others were repeating the same actitudes as before the creation of this material part of the Uni (steeling, violation, ilegal use of sacred divine essences, codes, keys = DNA etc. in their anti-divine creation). This is also why the New Age “law of attraction” function or not, and for someone yes and for someone no, and it is the answer to Why it just was not functioning till now naturally. So things are being put in the order now as we are discerning now between who we are, and who we are not, the other technical issues are being done by us and other unity angels in other dimensions – step by step. Be PATIENT, Trust in DIVINE TIMING. Many of us are just waiting and maintaining our vibrations – but NOT ALL of us. Depends on in what side of these you were and are, what is the history and present state of you and your soul. VISION I HAD about this was – backpacks of many colors of the rainbow – organizing them in divine order and they were opening and interchanging the content – gifts and also staff to process ( someone calls it karma) ALL BACK TO THE OWNERS FINALLY! 🙂🐬🦄 ©unitycocreators

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