I see the truth about me, and let go of all lies. 

This is going on also: POSITIONING IN RELATIONSHIPS, DISCERNING BETWEEN THE TRUTH AND LIES ABOUT ONESELF, but reality in general also. 👁 These issues can be popping out now from subconscious, where they have been accumulating during so many life times – untruth created by us or others. It is interesting that when we are clearing collective subconscious memories around responsibility of the creation of this material Universe (article part 1 & 2), there are those who were responsable blaming verbally (unconsciously) or on etherical level those, who were absolutely not, and came here just because of unity consciousness and the Divine LOVE. And this is also part of the old matrix programming – THE INVISIBILITY AND CAMOUFLAGING OF THE TRUTH, OF REAL IDENTITY – which is being Uncovered now. ☀️I always say, that this material Uni was made UPSIDE DOWN. So since little child I don’t trust what things pretend to be, less in area of spirituality nowadays. One example of what I see is, that there are many of very high consciousness beings being students of teachers or coachers, which just woke up after many life times of being on the dark side hurting these high con. beings – who are now their students – which in this life are just behind the scenes, healing themselves and still radiating their wonderful vibrations on planetary level 🌍. And many of them neither remember who they are. Paradoxical true? But it has its ILEGAL why, as I look through the evolution of this Universe globally. ☀️ But back to the post ~ the willingness to see the truth about you – us is the key, as lie – positive or negative about ourselves – is always just LIMITING ourselves and make no space for healing and unifying. ☀️ Little exercise to help us to see, especially for those light unity workers who feel these projections these days, is (after grounding, centering,..) just stand up, look straight ahead and breathe. You can call upon the Sacred Unity Oneness Divine angelic team, Archangel Raphael and Ariel to help you. ☀️©unitycocreators 


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