Hi dear Unity Cocreators! 🙂💕🌱🐬🌞🌸 So this is happening lately. ✨ RECONNECT WITH YOUR FULL POTENTIAL. ✨ We are exploring The Void of existence, void within us. It can seems like nothing is moving “forward”, or it is moving hardly. There are phases in our lives when the energy which is coming to the Earth is Expansion, action kind of energy, and phases when it is more INWARD oriented, CONTRACTION energy – like now, which is preparing us for the next stage of this year later – beginning of the creation of the new, when we will feel such more aligned and prepared, with a strong basis. So now is a good time to go Deep Inside, meditate, go to NATURE and connect with it 🌲, for self care, self love, to reconnect and ALIGNE YOUR LIFE WITH YOUR PURE ESSENCE. The Void we can feel lately, someone calls it Nothingness, is at the same time GREAT DIVINE POTENTIAL OF EVERYTHING. IT IS A SILENCE BEFORE CREATION. 🌔☀️ And so it is IMPORTANT time to give us an opportunity to go IN (in this more outward oriented world) and to EXPLORE WHAT WE WANT TO CREATE, and WHY. 🐬 Explore WHY WE ARE HERE, why of our steps, actions, creations – preferably in mostly non action state, or accompanied by actions and creativity which arises from this NEW alignment. “Who I am, what is my essence? JOY, LIGHT, LOVE? And what is my singularity? Are my ATTITUDES in alignment with my ESSENCE, my LIFE PURPOSE = my JOY, LOVE, true desires, with who I am? Or are they based on ego, fear, distortion, survival instinct, lack mentality, selfishness? Some people can tend now to be drawn to more outer orientation, selfishness, survival, competition, fight mode as a wrong understanding of independence, individuality and of how abundance works. We are also RESTORING NATURAL ABUNDANCE FLOW LAWS (next article). Your Joy and blessings are related to who you are. 🌞 “Am I co-creating our New World with others being who I am? ” 🌱🌸 We are all connected, WE ALL ARE ONE, and at the same time we are singular unique expression of God, which is so very important as every little part of the big Puzzle of this great co-creation process on our 🌍. Go in, FOLLOW YOUR ESSENCE = YOUR JOY, dive deep, EVERYTHING IS WITHIN YOU. ☀️RECONECT WITH YOUR FULL POTENTIAL.☀️

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