🌱 Let Yourself Bloom. 

🌸 Huge deep inner-outer letting go processes going on as we are approaching the Equinox (20th of March). These are clearings of everything we have accumulated during our past lives, especially in our 4D now (previous articles). But more than just past lives I would say – since our very ORIGINS of this concrete Gods-our Expression itself (this Universe), and so these are clearings of everything around YOUR ESENCE, connecting with it again, healing of everything (now mostly in 4D which will improve our 3D manifestation possibilities), which was blocking us from BEING, EXPRESSING here on the Earth and in our physical bodies – this UNIQUE COLOR, SPECIAL ESSENCE OF GOD, free of any past charges and in a sacred way. ✨ And so these little big ENDINGS come always hand in hand with NEW BEGINNINGS. 🌱 Embracing it all through surrender, release and welcoming love 🌸 Also 3D action steps always help to anchor the New 🌳 If you feel it would be helpful for you to receive very effective and profound help with all these themes, then our DIVINE SPARK ACTIVATION is for you. ✨ Use code *IBLOOM* for 30% off till 26.th of March within our Equinox promo. Sending love to all 🦋🦋🦋 out there 😘 Petra

 📸 unknown, please reclaim if necessary, thank you.

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