FALSE PROJECTIONS (and how to deal with them).

🌕 Energy update: this full moon let go of false projections of who you are. As I wrote in the article “Approaching March Equinox and 4D consecration” as we are approaching the Equinox, more 4D clearings are occurring now. Part of them are FALSE PROJECTIONS – about you, others, reality in general. These crystallized holograms were stored thousands of years in Low Astral 4D realm, and were created by humanity, by us, but part of them were also created and maintained there artificially by other 4D beings, extraterrestrials, and their technology. They served them to project us false reality, negative image about ourselves and the world. They were using what ever negative image worked for them to make you believe some untruth about you, to maintain us disempowered, in low self esteem, not deserving, not aware of our truth, greatness and what we are truly capable of, all our possibilities, power, and beauty ~ and so maintain us in service for them, in low vibration, manifesting old reality which confirms and reflects these holograms, and so making you to go generating dense vibe thoughts, emotions in order to feed these beings. ☀️ But – it doesn’t matter if these projections are ours or others creations in holographic form, the only important thing here is if you believe them or not, if you know to discern between WHO YOU ARE and WHO YOU ARE NOT, KNOW TO MAINTAIN YOUR VISION CLEAR and what you will be creating from now in your-ours 4D. ☀️ Now, these projections are not only from this lifetime – they are there thousands years – so it is possible that all this life you were thinking something about you which was not true, but what maybe others during so many lifetimes were projecting on you, or they programmed you so, etc. (Anunnakis etc. for ex. your social role – “you are here to serve us as..worker,..”) and if you finished believing them during lifetimes and so it became part of your unconscious mind, now they come to you to be seen, distinguished and released. So the 4D will be finally free from these layers of untrue imagery, but also technology,etc.- our higher dimensional brothers and sisters are helping us there also at the same time), and sacred again – which is very important as 4D is so important in manifesting reality – as all our thoughts, emotions, fantasy, desires, imagination etc., especially those repetitive ones, finished crystallizing in 4D as our life form creations, and so helping us – or not, to manifest our believes etc, our REALITY. So WHAT DO YOU BELIEVE ABOUT WHO YOU ARE? Go IN, LIVE AND CREATE FROM INSIDE OUT, feel, remember and MAINTAIN CLEAR VISION OF YOU, YOUR UNIQUE BLUEPRINT VIBRATION RUNNING. ✨🦄❤️💛💚💙💜 Happy weekend! 😘

 Photo: unknown, please reclaim if necessary, thank you.

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