ORIGINS OF THIS UNIVERSE. PART 1. This Material Universe was created as an unnecessary prolongation of the homecoming process, by rebellious beings, which rejected to follow the natural flow of the unification process and God itself, and stole sacred divine unity codes from the beings who already started homecoming process and from their unborn unity wholeness babies – beings in a gestation process which was not completed yet (as the inner is reflected on the outer creation hand in hand), in form of sacred divine unity energy, codes, geometries, which the rebellious beings needed in to order to create the dense part of this Universe and Life in it, by (among others) collapsing geometries between them, making them to explode, and so the Big Bang occurred. In other words, they preferred to receive God from outside, rather then from inside, and to create as God but rejecting God, not respecting their own completion and unification processes inside, and so this material Universe was created backwards, out of divine order, timing, divine nature and divine will, based on the act of violation and abortion of Unity. © ☀️Therefore what I see for the next weeks.. is the heeling of this original violation and abortion or another issues depending on your personal experience in this – which part did you took on this, etc. This is of course also related to why we are starting to reestablish Sacredness and Laws of Abundance now, and since 2017 more than ever before – in 3D (beginning). ✨ I do remember.✨ Unity Love to all. ❤️💛💚💙💜

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