So this is what happened when the rebellious beings (about which I was talking about in one of my latest post – the Creation of this Universe, I recommend to read that one first), started to move in contrary direction to their Divine Nature of that moment of completing this experience, its understandings and homecoming (back to Unity) movement, which generated the Spiral movement. At the same time they started to stole and use the Divine Unity beings and its sacred codes – FRACTALS. Fractals – because many of these unity beings, were “unfinished” in their processes of unification, as they were in the beginning of the process of gestation of Unity inside and outside of them – creation of the new divine unity Complete beings, (check out the latest post). And so they used them to create their reality of Duality – the densest parts of this Universe, as a prolongation of this experience and homecoming process. This reality was created in a Spiral movement and geometry, as we said they were moving in the contrary direction of their nature of that moment, and by repeating, cloning, rearranging and collapsing the stolen fractals, geometries and codes, in order to generate the Spark ✨ of Life artificially (as the spark in natural way is generated from the place of unconditional love and divine passion of the heart when expressing and creating), and they were also mixing and combining these codes, fractals and geometries with their own dualistic codes. As you see, free of any judgement, too much of mind and ego, and too little of love, if any. All this we cannot name it as a Creation process, as copying, collapsing, mixing the existing is not the true divine Creation in its original meaning. And so this material reality – DUALITY – was created, based on conflict, not respecting divine timing, divine order of creation (from inside out), divine will, nature and Sacredness, on violation and forced abortion of Unity (in and out). ☀️ And so it is how we are now returning to our original way of existing, expressing and creating, undoing the spiral, unifying etc. (Previous posts). ☀️ ©

Just would like to mention – Separation is one thing, and Duality another, but about this in some another post. ☀️🐳

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