We are undoing the SPIRAL at all levels and dimensions step by step, and returning to our original way of existing, expressing and creating, as the Spiral formed the very basis of the creation of this densest parts of this Universe. 🍭Spiral is a type of movement generated by two parts (points) moving in the contrary directions: 🔴➖⚪️➖🔵 the red one is going down and backwards, and the blue one is going up and forward, and in the middle is the central point – as in fact both parts (red and blue) are one, cannot separate from each other, as the Separation is only an illusion created to experience us – God part by part. So the spiral movement is generated by two points IN CONFLICT moving in OPPOSITE DIRECTIONS, and it is also based on a principle of REPETITION (COPYING, CLONING) of the same pattern, same fractal – of the same reality itself – in different levels of the spiral string. ✨ THE NATURAL EXPRESSION AND MOVEMENT OF GOD IN CREATION – is in the form of CIRCLE AND WAVES 〰 of expansion and contraction in the form of circle with the point in the middle 🎯 So God moves in waves from the CENTRAL POINT, to the experience – the “WHITE PART” (picture) and to the various perspectives of understanding of the experience – the RAINBOW LINE OF THE CIRCLE. When it completes its experience, it starts to move in waves “backwards” – from the edges of the circle to the central point. GOD DOESN’T CREATE BY REPEATING, COPYING, CLONING FRACTALS AND PATTERNS, EVERY SINGLE EXPRESSION AND CREATION OF GOD IS ABSOLUTELY NEW AND UNIQUE. ☀️ In the middle of December of 2016 we have started to undo this spiral fractal on nivel of the atoms as a start point of a global “undoing” in all dimensions and levels, as this was a very basic part of everything here in this densest parts of this Universe. Since then we have gone through several stages and now I see doing the same simultaneously in all, but especially in 3D and 4D. ☀️©

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