Guidelines for 2017 and beyond and the power of the Green flame. Establishing Sacredness and restoring Abundance.

What I see since December 2017 is, that the green ray after thousands years of maintaining it artificially “under control” by the darkness, is now raising and restoring its power of unconditional love, compassion, truth, understanding, consecration and healing ~ as all these qualities are emitted through so many light workers on the planet as well as through infinite of beings from higher dimensions, and as the minimum group required of people on the Earth has decided to change the game of duality, to go back home to unity, and so it is especially this ray, which is so much needed now – since December 2016, and not for the whole 9 year cycle which have started this year 2017 (till 2025), but also so much beyond. The green ray, which governs the laws of abundance, creation of Life, manifestation, and has the sacred power of healing and consecration through the divine truth, willingness to see the truth, the integration of this understandings, and through unconditional love and compassion – as it is the divine truth and unconditional love what heals, consecrates and frees us, as well as everything that exist.

And so, as the 2017 is the very first fresh beginning of the creation of the New Paradigm, of the return to unity – home here in 3D, in our bodies and physical spaces, but also in all dimensions as we are multidimensional beings and we are One, the Sacredness is THE FIRST thing which need to be established and built here, and will serve as firm rocks and pillars of our absolutely NEW STRONG BASIS OF OUR NEW CREATION, our New Paradigm here on the Earth. Without Sacredness there is no ABUNDANCE in all its meanings – Health, Wellbeing, Wisdom, Love, State of Peace, Relationships, our Expression, it affects absolutely EVERYTHING, as the SACREDNESS IS THE DIVINE BASIS OF EXISTING, FUNCTIONING AND CREATING WITHIN THE DIVINE LAWS AND DIVINE ORDER. The Divine creates from the place of Sacredness and so WE NEED TO CREATE VERY STRONG AND FIRM BOUNDARIES OF SACREDNESS FIRST, in order to Exist in proper conditions, and so to Create all what we truly desire from the Divine Core of our beings – in us and our lives. To manifest the Divine will, to bring, be and live the heaven in the Earth, to be fully who we are. 💚

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