Approaching March Equinox and 4D. Consecration, cleansing, shifting, unifying.

As we are approaching the March Equinos after the Moon & Solar eclipses, and as the Earth and the people are raising vibrations, unifications between Dimensions occurs, now especially between 3D and 4D, as we are multi-dimensional beings, and one with all that is. Our physical bodies are passing through changes of de-densification (lightening its density) processes from carbon structure to crystalline structure of 4D, and so we are becoming more sensitive in general, but also to our 4D reality, which is becoming a part of our reality in a new ways.
In order to integrate and unify with our higher dimensions (in this case the 4D) and our own aspects within them, we are forming part of the necessary clearings and alignments between 3D and 4D.
We participate by becoming aware of how we co-create our 4D, and how the 4D is affecting us in our expression, manifestation – creation here in 3D. We are sensing now more sensitively (especially since eclipses) and choosing WHAT WE WANT TO NURTURE AND SO TO CREATE, and what not – in form of our ENERGY. What seeds we want to plant and nurture, what kind of energy serves to nurture this seeds, and which it does not, but in revers is nurturing something what we maybe do not really want to create in our lives.
OUR ENERGY IS IN OUR EVERYTHING – in our intentions, imagination, art, focus, time, thoughts, emotions, feelings, in not doing, in doing, in our behaviors, habits, subconscious and conscious believes and patterns, mental thought forms – low or high vibrational. All these can crystalize in 4D, especially when they are repetitive, constant, or long therm, and thus become a certain form of Life we have created and which, if we want to make it continue existing, needs to be nurtured.
The thing is, that depending on what believe they were created (dualistic dependent one based on the conflict distortion and untruth, or unity sovereign one based on divine truth), they can drain or not our own energy. The dark dense crystalline forms created especially by our long therm negative emotions, thought patterns, habits and behaviors, suffering, pain, addictions, attachments, victimhood, aggressiveness, etc. want to be nurtured from our own negative low vibrational energy in whatever form, and they ask for it while existing in our energy field and in our own 4D, and so we tend to repeat certain negative situations which nurture them.
The positive high vibrational ones were created on Unity consciousness of the divine truth and sovereignty, and so are auto-nurtured and also nurtured directly from the Divine energy flow, and also form part of the unity web of energy flow we share in sacred ways without draining. These crystalline Life forms also help us to co-create with us our 3D reality, to manifest our true dreams, the Divine Will.
So now we are taking a look on what we are creating and nurturing, and what we want to stop to nurture, what is not longer in alignment with us, our inner truth, with who we are and what reality we want to create from now internally and externally and in alignment with the Divine Will, and so for good of us and all simultaneously.
Also in the Low vibrational Astral realm there are many other parasitic creatures, entities and also extraterrestrial 4D beings called the Archs (Arcontes in Spanish), which are the 4D form of life which choose to be nurtured through the negative, low vibrational energy produced by humans, instead of choosing to become sovereign whole complete Unity Beings connected to the Divine. They are specialists in creating and projecting the false reality in form of thoughts, emotions, sensations loaded by all kind of ego and dense vibrational based temptations, emotional blackmails, trying WHATEVER SHOULD WORK to make us yield from our path, our inner truth, from who we are, as they know well our weaknesses, as the 4D beings have more facility to read our thoughts, emotions, desires, etc. Although!!! – this is changing now, and it will be not longer possible, as we are raising our vibration of unconditional love and divine truth, and choosing to establish the Sacredness here and in all dimensions (which had been damaged ages before).
Archs are projecting us because in some point in our history too many beings of the Earth densified our 4D with their ego based thoughts, desires, black magic, etc. and so had created the conditions to make the influence of the Archs possible here.
So it is helpful these days to maintain you firmly in your inner truth, intuition, following during the day intuitively the new energies which are coming, and observing your mechanisms of creating your day. You can notice radical shifts in how do you feel energetically and physically when shifting from one thought, behavior etc. to another, more aligned one. It is because with one you are connecting to and feeding the old dense reality Matrix and the dense part of 4D, which are leaving our existence little by little, and if you are unity light worker, it is not in alignment with your new consciousness, and therefore it can be so much more uncomfortable to be part of the old reality, even if for a while, and in return you can feel extremely good when connecting and being in alignment with the New Unity one. Yet, this is not always valid, as there are situations when what we feel is because of some another “technical” issues let´s say, as for ex. feeling the collective, or other reasons. So be patient and love full with your self, we are just on the beginning of our journey back home here.
Now we are participating in all kind of changes as is this one, which reason is the common intention we have now to create the Sacredness inside of us, and on the Earth, as it is through our inner work, taking decisions and all these little inner shifts in our daily lives how we are participating in the co-creation of the New Paradigm of Unity, sovereignty and sacredness, and so we also create the possibility for the angles and other unity high dimensional beings and teams to help us to co-create the same in a subtle levels within the same pulse, same intention, for us, them and for good of ALL in Unity.

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