I let go of all my fears, limitations and everything that hold me back from being who I truly am, living my divine uniqueness, my gifts, my passion, from creating what I truly desire from the core of my heart, my essence, in this life. 

Energy forecast: As solar equinox & new moon are approaching, we are diving deeper and deeper into the themes we had started in lunar equinox (previous posts). Many kind of fears can appear, especial of everything what represents the masculine, father aspect in concrete, and so memories, patrons, believes can come into the surface around that – situations when we felt/still feel limited, stuck, afraid, etc. ~ of people (man or woman, as all we have both aspects within), any kind of authorities, parents, enemies, society, system, matrix programing, when trying to be and express ourselves freely and fully in authenticity, or when We limit ourselves from being it. This all come from our natural desire of living our full potential and trueness of who we are, using our unique divine gifts. So it is a lot about having courage and commitment to go integrating our wholeness, to live in alignment as much as possible with our higher selves – us, which also means with our TRUE PASSION – THE ENDLESS JOY OF WHO YOU ARE, to which is each time more and more difficult to maintain repressed and it wants to spring out as a fountain. 🎉 It is huge about TRUST & SURRENDER to the divine will ~ of our higher selves (which is in fact our own true will for our highest good & joy here), free of fear, negative attachments, addictions, traditions, things we have learned, expectations (our or others), believes of what is possible and what not, attachments to identity, daily life we had till now.. Be open for new things, insights, LET YOU FLOW THROUGH YOU. 🌊 If you need to process your whatever you can use our Processing exercise (IG, web), sessions, or whatever other methods work for you. Clearings of aura here and there also help as I see many projections floating there, don’t believe every thought you have, or everything you feel, it doesn’t need to be necessarily yours. If you have clear of who you are, just maintain it, as well as your vibration, your unique frequency signature intact and as high as possible =✨just GO RELAXING TO WHO YOU ARE, BREATHING AND ANCHORING OF WHO YOU ARE. ✨ To go anchoring during the day is important as so it is possible to manifest more of who you are in your physical body and life. What kind of projections I see – fear, inability, impossible, guilt, shame, victimism, blackmails, threats.. – whatever would work to make us taking step back of being who we are. Also I see program of necessity of fight for abundance in all its forms ~ freedom, peace, wellbeing, money, friendship, flow of ideas, connection to the divine.. Maintain your Lions heart of passion and courage alive, focus to your dreams, be optimistic and grateful, look for you inner knowing, PEACE and love inside, GO INTO YOUR CENTER when feel like that, or attacked, as it is in your center where you are most powerful ~ and so the ways to manifest it all in your life without fighting anyone and anything will appear. This is how we are birthing the new way of manifesting abundance – the divine, natural one. As I said, it is much about just relaxing, breathing and permitting to flow you through you as much as you can in trust and confidence. Be patient and love full with you also. Much love 🦄🐬🦁❤️ P.s. Breathing turquoise sacred flame helps with all this! 🐬

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