Removing the universal embargo.

This I received approx. 2-3 weeks ago, and it is still going on. It is a bit complicated to explain the meaning, but basically it is about the old, whole energy (life force, nurturing, sexual, creative energy) network system, which was CODIFIED and designed to flow only in pre-established ways, and also accumulated and repressed in some parts of the ducts, and personalized in some cases. It was influencing negatively the energy flow – abundance and money flow also. Did you noticed that some persons without any apparent reason, were always feeling as if they were carrying some kind of invisible burden of (in fact not existing) responsibility and debt on their shoulders? As if they were invisibly forced to re-compense something “bad” they did to someone? And feeling here on the Earth, this Universe as if this was not my territory, my creation, MY HOME, so I need to adjust to others or to some “invisible king”,..? Especially light workers? It is not possible to explain something so complex in one post :), but this is the reason of that (for e. Codification, it was designed to function so as a part of the old matrix), as of many strange things around feeling as being in a territory of stranger, as if we couldn’t touch or change anything here, just be FREELY us. So it is related also to energy flow and manifesting abundance in 3D, etc. Jesus once told – the first will be the last, and the last will be the first – and this is a part of it. We have power to manifest money and anything else, but the question always was in which era to which point was the capacity to manifest reflecting the true state of the manifester, and How & How Easy we manifest, and why it sometimes felt as swimming against the flow doing positive things or changes. Of course, there are more whys of that, but this one is a part of it. I am working on the article about one part of our history, which maybe will make it a bit more understandable for those who want to know a bit more about what is it what we are re-moving, re-building, changing etc. – as always internally first, old Matrix was part of the Earth and our bodies – part of us, so as we are breaking through old believes, patterns, taking decisions, simultaneously the outer Earth (Galactic, Universal) Matrix and so many other things are done by our angel teams – and us in our higher dimensions! 🙂 Finally, sometimes there is no need to understand it all, just feel!!! And I can tell you, I love the “Removing the Universal embargo” and it feels so liberating, so “finally!” 🙂 so lighter, so much more free will and freedom!!! 😍🐬 This Universe and the Earth is my home 😁 and we together yes can cocreate the New Paradigm here 🙂🌈

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