Rainbow frequencies flowing down to the Earth

Huge rainbow frequencies are flowing down to the Earth since Lunar eclipse, as we are remembering, integrating, bringing down here from higher dimensions our uniqueness, our divine gifts, true expression of who we are (previous posts). It is about our relationship we have towards our inner Divine Father as a creator – what do we create, self confidence in that, also linked to the society, co-creation with others etc.., And our “outer” Divine Father (God’s masculine aspect) – trust in him creating the divine perfection etc. Many many multi-times and multidimensional healings happening in both ways (inner, outer) ~ around our experiences as a creator, as well as a creation of God, and/or of other beings!!! 🙂 and here is the point!!! 🙂 Huuuge difference here 🙂 (check my latest post if want) ~ as our unconscious mind re-member everything, we are re-checking our inner memories and conclusions we made around these things in each dimension we are since our origins, and so how these affect our creation of our reality now, so truth and love is the greatest healer here, and feels good, switch us into the new paradigm energies instantaneously. Happy rainbowing then!!! 🌈❤️💛💚💙💜🦄  Picture unknown, contact us if necessary, thank you.

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