Sharing my dream I had the night of the lunar eclipse. 

Will share with you my dream I had the night of this lunar eclipse on Saturday (Europe). Me & Josep were sitting on the beach, it was morning before sunrise. We were looking to the horizon, when other people started to come and sit down also. Then sun has started to rise, emitting huge sounds, which are indescriptible, but if you have heard how planets of our solar system sound (on the internet), it was similar to that. The Sun was so much more bigger than usually, very close to our planet. Than I saw myself over the Earth looking on this spectacle from above, and I saw something like on the image I have just posted. The sun was also connected to the galactic Sun, and it was making little movements in front of the Earth, as if it was dancing, while emitting spectacular sounds and lights. What I was perceiving was information which I am posting since then, although new info is still coming. It was beautiful to see, hear, live, as it was a new bigger activation charged with new divine codes of consciousness, frequencies (for at least 6 months ahead), preparing us also for the next solar eclipse this month. It felt veeery goood 🙂.. such a blessing. 🐬✨ Have a nice everything 🌍🌞✨

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