I know the way as I listen and follow my brave heart.

Energy update: stepping into our power, taking responsibility of our lives, reconnecting us with our divine spark and unique blueprint inside of us and committing us to reeeeally follow our true heart desires, our passion, our deepest truth of Who I am, and Who we all truly are as collective, as we are One. ✨ Making these things priority in our daily lives, in our daily attitude, being brave enough to go beyond the known, beyond all illusions, illusions of limitations and expectations – yours and others. Knowing that if I follow and let flow through me of Who I truly am in faith, I am on the way of my heart, starting to manifest and live my dream, my most fulfilling life of bliss, joy, passion, love and peace, and through this I am bringing heaven to my body and to the Earth, and aaaall this is such a huge huge blessing not only for me, but for my whole human family here on the Earth. ✨ Everything starts inside of each of us and as we pull inside and go integrating of who we are each day, each minute, it will go manifesting outside, step by step as our creation, and as a co-creation between all of us. As we go integrating the unity consciousness of “we are One, you are another me”, we are beginning to meet up, unify, and really start feeling, being as One and go cocreating new Earth, with the same heart beat, inner knowing and the same divine intention. And this is really important as New Earth is about Co-creation in new ways of Unity Consciousness and Sacredness. ✨ All small and big decisions and changes we do individually as well as collectively, are like an OK for other huge amount of Unity Oneness Divine collective of beings from other dimensions, which are assisting this processes at subtle and physical levels, as for ex. assisting our bodies, our personal grids and our planetary Earth Grid – creating the New Divine Unity grid, free of distortions, duality, artificial limitations and programmings, which formed part of the old matrix. Although everything starts within, that is the Divine Order. ✨ If you would like to assist you with all ascension processes in very powerful way, directly from the Divine Unity – Oneness holders, you can book now any of our sessions with a special 30% discount during February. If you want to keep this special prices until the end of march, you can also pre-book a session now in advance for just 30€ and you’ll keep the discount.

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