You are the Pure Unique expression of the Divine.

Energy update: You are the pure unique expression of the Divine. You have your unique vibrational signature, your unique divine blueprint of your spirit and soul Inside Of You. Do you remember who you are? Do you remember your special gifts and abilities? Do you remember what your Passion is? Good days to go inside and re-connect, ask, seek for what you are truly yearning for. Give you time, every question will be answered accordingly as you open to receive of all the greatness of who you are. Pay attention and listen, look for inner knowing. You are sufficient and you are precious. You are loved, supported and protected. Sometimes it is necessary to go beyond what our old matrix programming should say about who we were programmed to be, who we should be. This comes from very ancient times, when human kind was created here on the Earth by Annunakis and other extraterrestrial beings to serve them for their egoic purposes, and programmed individually for that. This was maintained till now, when we decided as collective to look beyond the curtain and see the Truth, to go back home – inside of us, and so all illusions of limitations are falling down, on energetical level also, on both – personal and planetary level – Earth Grid and personal grids with assistance of infinite of beautiful unity beings and angels. But – who decides is US in our daily lives. Attitude is everything. Go to the adventure, explore what is beyond. Are there some old believes – programs holding you back? Check out also program of false security, lack, addictions, traditions, victimization, self-deception. ✨ Everything is within, nothing is without. First IN, than OUT. Listen to your brave heart. 🦁❤️🔥If you would like to have some help with all this and to align yourself with your soul and spirit, your special blue print, than session called “Divine Spark” is for you. Link to our webpage is in our bio. 📸 HeartofMaui WordPress.

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