I release all emotions and thoughts that are holding me back, from my authentic expression of who I truly am.

Happy lunar eclipse! ✨ Bringing you new energy update: Re-connect with your heart center, with your true feelings, heart desires, with who you are. In your meditations ask about who you are, your gifts,.. “What would be my true expression here on the Earth, in this life, this year?” “What would change if I would be just a bit more aligned with my higher self – me, right now?” “Which emotions, thoughts, habits, addictions, traditions, old ways, friendships make no more sense for me and I need to let them go?” It is not about what you came to do here in sense that you “need” to do that. It is about such an alignment that you realize, that the same thing which is your gift, is your major joy, because it is who you are! You feel it in your heart, like a fire which never dies. 🔥❤️ But maybe it is there, lying under layers of fear, or another emotions or blockages, that need to be released in order to live your BLISS AND JOY. To live your authentic and most fulfilling life straight from your heart. It has a lot of to do with creativity also. Look for your frequency, your color, your gift, your song and sing it to the world, for you, for others, we are one. Maintain it alive. Maintain your vibration. You are unique and special. But – don’t push yourself, all answers will appear as long as you are opening to your divine spark and your unique blueprint you have. All is well wherever you are right now on your way. It is also about relationships, finding your tribe, people which truly resonate with your true you and co-creating something New with them. Open up for new realities, ideas, new you. ✨If you would like to have some help with all this and to align yourself with your soul and spirit, your special blue print, than session called “Divine Spark” is for you. Link to our webpage is in our bio. ✨.      📸unknown, please reclaim if necessary, thank you.

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