Divine order: Me First.

If you don’t receive, you have nothing to give. Sharing and co-creating in divine order means: You First. It doesn’t mean only self care or outside activities, it means also pulling inside to connect with your center, divine spark first to receive in you the being who you truly are. To re-connect with love, joy light you are, see you more clearly, to step into that and ground it. Connecting with you help you also to discern between others and yours emotions and energies, to clean your subtle bodies (from entities also) and so to make your space sacred first. (If you see it is necessary to make some more profound entity clearing, do it if you can.) It is so better to start your day or anything practicing this little tunings and cleanings first, even if just for a minute, and repeating them during the day when needed. In time this become easier and easier, an habit -> your life, you. It is part of integrating YOU in this dimension, in your body. It is about changing FOCUS from outer TO INNER. If you are focused on outer, giving priority to outer – in order to receive approval, recognition, love from others etc., you are opening your sacred space for negative energies, entities to enter into your energy field, house, family members. Act from In -> Out. Give it to you – whatever it is you need, instead of looking for it outside. Everything is in, nothing is out. This is divine order of priorities, of creation, of existing. Look for true you in each moment of your day. It makes huge difference. 🌷 You can use our Centering exercise in post: “First pull into your center.” Have a nice SUNday, Petra

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