Balancing of giving and receiving in Sacredness.

Energy update: Weeks that we are balancing giving and receiving. We are receiving activations of consciousness through coming energy, divine codes about “HOW TO SHARE (give and receive) AND (CO)CREATE IN SACRED WAY.” This brings up into the surface all distortions (distorted believes etc.) and past (lives) memories, which have led to sharing (receiving & giving) = (co)creating in not sacred way, and it’s consequences = creations, so we have an opportunity to re-view and integrate. 🌳 This theme contains so many sub-themes as relationships, opening up in not sacred way or moment, etc., or demanding others aggressively to give me “whatever” when feeling incomplete (I don’t have what you do have), or as a victim, questions around (in)dependency, free will and abundance in this Universe in concrete, memories about the Creation of the dense part of this Universe, and about creating life and beings for the First time on the planet Earth, etc… 🙂 Very sensitive and important issues, as SACREDNESS IS THE VERY FIRST AND BASIC CONDITION FOR ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING . No sacredness means no health, well being, peace, love, abundance, etc.. And so Sacredness is the first thing which needs to be integrated and re-established, created at many levels (energetical,..) step by step along with the integration of it ~ in order to start to create new sacred you & new paradigm here on the Earth. 🌷🌍✨ 📸unknown, please contact me if necessary.

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