Co-creation is about attitude.

As we are preparing for co-creation and starting to cocreate our new paradigm internally and externally, and coming energies are helping us strongly to do so, to unify and cocreate together, what I see in the collective, especially in the people who cocreated the old paradigm (since so very ancient times), is a certain unwillingness to see and acknowledge the world which they had created, as it was – is, to recognize caused damage and pain, not sacredness and all things that are not longer sustainable, and to start to co-create the new, even if they have already decided to participate, as this is only clearing of all what is blocking us from true co-creation, from unify and co-create together, to share the new, who we truly are in sacredness, between us. They can be tempted now to act like this, if feeling guilty, feeling that they were bad creators, etc. These ego issues are popping out and I can feel them energetically and observe them in daily life situations as manipulations, emotional blackmail, aggression, push, trying to make feel those who want to cocreate the new as judgmental, etc. For ex. I see people saying these weeks things like “toxics are not so bad”, “changes are not necessary”, or “here was always absolute free will” (it was, but not absolute, but so very limited, and artificial dependency at many levels also was created – I will talk about that in one article I am working on now), or things like – “it is because you are too sensitive to toxics”, “why are you no longer friend of (some, for ex., toxic person), “it is because you are judgmental and bad person”, or “it is only because of you, that you have problem with.. area in your life”, etc. Do you see the game? It is important to not engage in it, and to step even more firmly into the divine truth about you and everything, maintaining you grounded and aligned with your higher self. It is an opportunity for both sides, for whoever, to see, or to reaffirm the truth about themselves, the world which was created till now, and process of creation itself, judgement free, and to love it all first. It is not desempowering, it does not mean that you are not capable, or too whatever.. It is about the truth, love, what do you want to create from now & willingness to cocreate it. Be patient. It is important from which place we start to create and cocreate together new world. 💕 Look for people as you, for your tribe. It would be a pity if because things like ego games we would reject something so beautiful as co-creation can be.

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