Hiiiiiiiiii Wooooooorld!!! Greetings from out of Scheme!!!

Today is so great day! Do you notice portal opening energies? We yes, since approx. 7 days, which were preparation for 2.2 portal opening today. I was feeling really strange all this week, it felt like leaving something known, and entering to absolutely New Way of Being here on the Earth. I felt some kind of fear, and my subtle bodies tended to close towards what is coming, but I was feeling collective fear also, fear of unknown, of leaving our comfort zone. And at the same time curiosity and sense of liberating from some kind of “jail” let’s say – that was my sensation :). So today me and Josep were looking to what’s happening, and we saw us leaving personal kind of structure first, part of this was cutting unhealthy cords and energetical conduits (forming part of the system and imposed role) and then flying up, and crossing the global planetary old structure. It looked as holographic digital pre-fixed design. And then it came – we were there OUT OF ANY KIND OF STRUCTURE, OR SCHEME. “You need to get used to being like this” I hear my higher self telling me. “It is natural you feel not being safe after thousands years that humanity on the Earth was functioning as designed, moving according to the pre-established structure, well known tracks. Everybody had his role programmed also, which were basically different types of serving to your first creators of humanity – which were annunakis. Now you are out of the box, suddenly you are free. No more old limiting mental, energetical, neither physical structure. No more imposed roles. How does it feel?” “I don’t know what to do!!! 🙂 And I don’t know how I will express myself from now!!! And if it will be out of any social conventional behaviors? Can I be pure me? Is it permitted now? What will people say to that? And will I know what to do – how to be – to live my daily life now? What I would like to do? How it is when I express without limitations? I was laughing at the same time as all these questions were passing through me. “Just feel it, let it express, don’t fear of you, neither people’s reactions. You know. First try it at home, if you feel more secure there. Feel each instant what wants express through you. Let it be. Let it be born through you into action if it is so. Don’t brake it. Trust.” I felt and feel my higher self guidance. This is process we All are starting from now, we will go through it step by step, anchoring it into the physical. You can go in and out from the box. Box can feel as if it was safe, because is known. But go trying to go out of it, out from your comfort zone. Go and explore free you, your limitless expression. Try the New way of creating. New visions of who you are. ✨🦋😍💕

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