I see you and I love you – me beyond this universe and more, and more… You are my priority and always will be. I will do everything I can to live this life as fully and as sacred as I can. Because it is My Miracle of Life, My body, My gift, My adventure, My Joy, My heart. I promise I will take care of you, I will hear you, I will do what you-I feel and stay firm like a rock in the truth you are & bring. You are so precious, so beautiful, that words can not even describe it. I see who you are, and what your place here is, and your effect here on the Earth and this Universe – just being here, being you, because nothing, because of immense love and everything else you are. You already manifested the divine here in you, alone, without any help, tools, or anything, because you just saw you, your beauty, recognized you as the same as God is, and loved you unconditionally, Unity child. It was so many thousands years ago, before they limited you artificially, done to you and used you in the most not sacred ways which are difficult even to imagine, through all those never ending years till now. But your presence was so valuable always, and your strength and power to stand up again and again was so admirable. Now it is time to continue what was started in you and in the 3D world 🐳 This year is your year and of those who choose the divine too. You deserve all blessings, it is you. Let’s cocreate & enjoy the New Us, New Earth ❤🌊🍀☀💕🐬🦄🦋

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