There is no longer need to fix or wait for others in order to succeed.

Energy update: Energies now are giving us great opportunity to review our believes around success and dependency on outside world – things, people, etc. If we believe something or someone is limiting us, or can block our way to our success in whatever are of our lives, than it is what we can attract to our lives. If we are pointing fingers out, it is the same as saying you are not the creator of your life, and your fulfillment depend on others. This comes from our past experiences and our past lives, when, as I told you, were not full free will. This situation was created consciously and artificially. But now the question about dependency related to accomplishing our full potential, our major bliss, arise up again: Is this still truth? And the message here is: Now yes, it is possible. Now yes, you can. Believe. Center to inside, not out. Focus to your center and to the Now, where your major power resides. So you can elevate your past timelines too. Process your fears, choose to cross your comfort zone, dare to start to live your new reality now. Energies are bringing us new ideas, possibilities and opportunities which can manifest more easily now, if you shift and choose.


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