When things emerge naturally, it is divine timing.

🦋..waiting for others is not living your own journey, is rejecting your blessings. It is not selfish to fly, and it is not harmful for anybody. It is in divine timing. 🦋 In this Universe there were many invisible mechanisms that were causing the opposite of free will & sacredness – which we are releasing constantly step by step, as well as restoring the sacredness and building healthy boundaries. We can assist this process by taking decisions of not to attend related programs, believes, manipulations or social pushes. So the message for now is: “It is no longer necessary to wait for others to awake, or to fix them, in order to be free. Live your gift of Life, your True Dream. Center to that & dare to fly! 🦋🗝 Energies are supporting you now in this, bringing you new ideas & opportunities.. 🦋

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