Energy update & What are your true dreams?

How we bring Heaven to the Earth & create the New Paradigm, is through ESTABLISHING & MAINTAINING THE ALIGNMENT WITH YOUR HIGHER YOU, LISTENING TO IT, INTEGRATING & ANCHORING IT to your body, to the planet Earth, to YOUR LIFE not only through a grounding exercise, but also THROUGH LIVING IT. Starting LIVING YOUR NEW REALITY, your new you,  experience it, is most powerful “grounder”. But both, living it & a grounding exercise are very important during whole 2017, as without anchoring the new reality this can not be rooted into the Earth, New Earth Grid, grow, and manifest. ☀Keep your FOCUS on your track, don’t get distracted by anything like other people’s  projections, harsh energies, collective cleansing processes, your ego (what you think is important – review your priorities), duality, separation, conflict, drama games, pleasing, saving & waiting for others… ☀Center to Unity, Completeness, Wholeness, God energy & view of reality, as it is Pure God Source energy (very empowering) coming here last few days, which can possible trigger all kind of things I have just mentioned, to be seen & healed. ☀ Align yourself in all levels (all timelines, all dimensions) & MAINTAIN YOUR SPECIFIC ENERGY BLUE PRINT VIBRATION AS PURE, FIRM AND ANCHORED AS POSSIBLE. ☀ Go into the center of your being (you can check the exercise in my post called “First pull into your center”.) and create FROM INSIDE OUT. BELIEVE IN YOU, LOVE YOU, CREATE YOUR SACRED SPACE from which you can create your new reality. ☀

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