2017 Energy Forecast.

2017 is the 1. Year of the another 9 year cycle (till 2025) and it is a very beginning of starting creating absolutely NEW PARADIGM, as so many years before served as a preparation time for this next stage. ☀So as a FIRST STEP for us Now is to ALIGN OUR SELVES STRONGLY WITH OUR HIGHER SELVES (soul & spirit) to DISTINGUISH between TRUTH & ILLUSION about who I really am, where am I going and WHAT REALITY I WANT TO CREATE FROM NOW on base of WHAT MY TRUE DESIRES ARE. ☀ It is vital to create in Divine Order which means FROM INSIDE OUT. It is necessary to BE INSIDE, to LISTEN TO OUR INTUITION, to our HIGHER SELVES WHISPERING. To FEEEL it, to PAY ATTENTION TO THE SIGNS which may appear and FOLLOW them. “Coincidences” may happen as a confirmation & support from your higher self for you, when going right way. Then things just flow in the right direction. ☀

Lately I have found it more easier to maintain myself in my own Vibration & my sacred space, and it is getting easier & easier for all of us this year BUT – DO NOT GET DISTRACTED on our way to the bliss ☀💕🐬 by the outside world, social programmings, others expectations and PROJECTIONS about you (be careful with these, you know who you are, be self-confident, what you believe about you creates your reality), or by energetic pushes of collective clearings etc. But also with our own MIND, ARGUMENTS, EGOS & EGO BASED DESIRES – what we think is good for us, what we think we want, need & how to get “there”, etc. ☀ Rather than that just LISTEN & SURRENDER. Do not fight it. When our PERSONAL DESIRES seem to be different than our higher self desires, it is a sign of being out of alignment. You are your higher self – so in fact it is you, who is having those desires, it is you trying to guide you towards YOUR mayor BLISS & FULFILLMENT POSSIBLE BEYOND YOUR IMAGINATION, BEYOND WHAT YOUR MIND IS ABLE TO COMPREHEND in that moment. Your higher self knows, that YOUR MAYOR BLISS, TRUE DIVINE EXPRESSION & FULFILLMENT HERE in the physical, are at the same time THE BEST THING EVER FOR THE WHOLE COLLECTIVE & THE PLANET 🌍. Don’t waste your time, don’t prolong your way to your own wellbeing, your New Reality. ☀

How we bring Heaven to the Earth & create the New Paradigm, is through ESTABLISHING & MAINTAINING THE ALIGNMENT WITH YOUR HIGHER YOU, LISTENING TO IT, INTEGRATING & ANCHORING IT to your body, to the planet Earth, to YOUR LIFE not only through a grounding exercise, but also THROUGH LIVING IT. Starting LIVING YOUR NEW REALITY, your new you,  experience it, is most powerful “grounder”. But both, living it & a grounding exercise are very important during whole 2017, as without anchoring the new reality this can not be rooted into the Earth, New Earth Grid, grow, and manifest.


☀Therefore USING TOOLS in 2017 and years forward daily is essential.

Great tools are – some kind of MEDITATION which works for you, CENTERING & GROUNDING EXERCISE – centering to maintain you in your center, heart, divine spark during the day, but also when you want to listen & see clearly your soul visions & dreams, and Grounding serves to ground them & your specific blue print vibration of your soul to your Body & Earth, to keep you firmly rooted and protected.

So it is about maintaining the alignment between 3 aspects: HEAVEN-YOU-EARTH ☀👩🏻‍💼👨🏻‍💼🌍.

BALANCING & PROCESSING EXERCISE are helpful too – Balancing- to balance your polarities, and so they can go unifying into the growing Oneness, Completeness within you, where no conflict, but peace exists. Processing exercise serves to process your own whatever, but BEFORE doing it, please distinguish between your & others stuff ➡️ VERY IMPORTANT: ✨CLEANING EXERCISES✨ – to clean us from unhealthy cords, astral & other entities & energies, ghosts 👻 , also from other people energies, emotions, etc. If you are having troubles picking up energies, emotions, burdens & processes of others, familiars & collective, it is also helpful to make little stops during the day & say: “I let go all energies that are not mine NOW.” If this is not enough, do some clearing exercise each day. Making so you also give people back their gift of opportunity & responsibility to process their own stuff.

As you see, it is not about making one big shift suddenly, but MANY LITTLE STEPS ALL DAY LONG, in our DAILY LIVES, even though if it would mean making several small breaks when needed for a minute to breath profoundly and connect with your center. Make it simple, but keep repeating using your tools as needed during the day, as they serves us to feel good, as this is how we CREATE OUR SACRED SPACE and KEEP IT AS PURE AS POSSIBLE – OUR BODIES, OUR HOMES, and our ENVIRONMENTS. ☀🐳🍀

The picture & feeling I get for us about Now & 2017 (and the whole 9 year cycle from now) is the same as when you are preparing to conceive and to have a baby – you want to plant the your sacred seed of your true dream to the SACRED PLACE – you & environment. This is what we have opportunity to go creating now, and during 2017. ☀

So this is very essential to create this sacredness also here in the PHYSICAL WORLD, in 3D. It means actively choosing people, groups, who are also co-creating New Paradigm, as well as situations, events, buildings, houses and places on the Earth which SUPPORTS YOU in creating the New. I see not only our internal processes of unifying in 2017 (of all aspects of us – higher self & us, masculine & feminine etc.), but I see also Unifying in outer level – of resonant High Vibrational PEOPLE, getting together, feeling as ONE and co-creating beautiful things, projects, ect.

So, in order to honor yourself and go with these changes during 2017, maybe it can mean for you to move from one place to another, to change some of the people you are hanging with, to choose between two companies, which maybe sell or do the same, but the energy of each one is different – one does it from the place of empowerment, joy, light, love, another from the place of victimism, saving others, or rage – which is old paradigm. Which one of them feels better & supports your reality?

It is about choosing not to engage with low vibrational, conflict, drama, aggression kind of situations & people physically, energetically, emotionally etc.. in our daily lives.  Don’t focus on people who are choosing to live the old paradigm, don´t listen to their projections about you, don’t wait more for them, don’t try to fix them, THEY ARE SOVEREIGN AS YOU ARE. Besides, it could pollute you, your field, emotions, thoughts – and so your manifestation. It is not selfish, it is based on new paradigm perspective of UNITY LOVE – in SOVEREIGNTY, SACREDNESS and HEALTHY BOUNDARIES. Without Healthy Boundaries there is not possible to LOVE fully, to have real COMPASSION, to CREATE HEALTH, WELLBEING, BEAUTY, JOY and ABUNDANCE for you and others. COMMITMENT to your higher self – to you, is really important this year and beyond.

At the ENERGETIC LEVEL – there are always 2 energies you can perceive in each moment  – NEW (what is coming) & OLD. You can percieve always both, and engage, follow one or another, the choice is yours.

Why sometimes is more difficult and sometimes more easy?

1. we just live in this Environment (the Earth, city, neighbours,..) and sometimes it is not possible to get 100% not affected by these energies, as we are at the same time working on us from our higher dimensions on un-doing all unhealthy energetical ducts, old matrix system and other Technical stuff, which was created many thousand years ago, so another thing I see about 2017 (& years forward also) is, that it will be the year, when we will be becoming each time more sovereign, free and powerful on this subtle levels too, energeticaly speaking. Always while maintaining our alignment, ect. As you can see, the theme of sacredness will be moving forward on many levels.
2. because we just need to learn how to deal with these energies working with our own energetic system, field and subtle bodies.
3. because we don´t identify those energies, emotions,.. are not ours, and so we start to process them – which is also engagement, so you can shift it many times just by being aware of it, knowing it is not yours, or clearing it with some clearing exercise if necessary.
4. because something of what collective is processing resonates in some level with something from your past, or present, some of our believes, so you can check and process using our or another processing exercise.
5. because of believe that we need to fix or save others, because if not… whatever.

When you are aware of these things, and know how to work with your energy field and bodies, how to clear your self and maintain your sacred space (body, home), these skills become, each time you practice, more and more easier to use in your daily life, so it may become more easier for you to not engage with those energies and maintain you in your own special divine blue print vibration.

COMMIT to your higher self fully & FOCUS – on your inner higher self TRUTH, REALITY, DREAM, VISION, MOTIVATION and MAINTAIN IT ALIVE, TAKE CARE OF IT. IT IS YOUR PRECIOUS SACRED SEED 🌰🌱🍀 YOU ARE CHOOSING TO PLANT, and which will grow and grow as a holy blessing, a divine miracle, if you take care of it properly. 💕 Don´t stress, don´t rush or push your self anywhere, rather than this just go perceiving and walking your path. Many blessings, Petra

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