Undoing anti Unity, anti Cristic & anti God MATRIX.

Reality here was NOT always reflecting the TRUTH. Especially not to those who activated Unity as first beings here (many thousands years ago.) It was then, when other beings have created artificially old duality, conflict based Matrix, to maintain DARKNESS – lie, illusion, distortion, perversion, sleep, artificial DEPENDENCY – to make ascension hard. It was Upside Down ILLUSION of world my friends = anti Unity (Oneness, God) Matrix here, including personal targeting of those first Unity beings, marking & codifying them (for others) as a danger, darkness, evil – the CONTRARY of what they really were & ARE, to erase the true trail they made as Unity pioneers here, to avoid hundred monkey effect which would cause absolute dissolution of the old artificial Matrix. So, if you are reading this, congrats! 🙂👍🐳 You can imagine what effect this had. The NATURAL DIVINE FLOW of natural “attraction” of RESONANT UNITY FRIENDS, SUPPORT, RECOGNITION, MONEY, WELLBEING, ABUNDANCE, CO-CREATION, PERCEPTION of us – false image of Unity Completeness beings – everything was affected by this. Less my – our INTACT DIVINE BLUEPRINT CODES we hold vibrating Inside. ✨ THE OLD MATRIX “REALITY” HERE WAS NOT REFLECTING THE TRUTH, especially to us, the first unity brings, and was built to make difficult the ascension of all. Although, it was not only this Matrix, but many other things like thousands kinds of technical gadgets, dark magic & astral manipulated stuff, moving time backwards through technology, reprogramming people through waves etc., duct system of flow of abundance, life force, money energy – which was forced to be conducted towards those who followed the old matrix programmings, or its founders, etc, list goes on & on. ☀️ Not saying that rich people were always part of the old system, but that natural flow of things was manipulated to function like this = backwards, and it was harder to make it function in a divine NATURAL way, so swimming with the Divine flow felt as swimming against the flow of the river – the artificial one. ✨So, I am happy that we – all people, beings WHO decided to create in & out New Unity Earth Paradigm, we did it till this point NOW on 2017, which is the FIRST YEAR of UNITY CREATION IN 3D – 1.st time in history of this entire Universe, when Unity – God is started to be integrated inside of us, so it can be anchored in our physical bodies now too, and shown, step by step in our outside 3D world.☀️Yeaaaaah!!! We did it! Thank you dear Unity Cocreators! 🙂🎉🐬✨💖 I am happy not because this is right and that is wrong, neither only because of me. I am Happy because THIS IS WHO WE ALL REALLY ARE. And HERE! 😁🌍 COMPLETENESS, God. And God feels great! 😁 BEING COMPLETE AGAIN FEELS GREAT. 🐬🐬🐬 ✨ Much Unity True, Love & everything, Petra & Josep.

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