I know who I am.

I don’t longer need projections of others about me & anything, I don’t longer adjust to how THEY see me, I don’t need to go questioning & adjusting myself every time I notice THEIR projections, aggressions, THEIR stuff they have towards me & towards Unity, God. I am not here to fit others realities, distortions & perversions. I am not here to fix & wait for others, neither to carry THEIR BURDEN. I almost always felt pretty much as the contrary or this dual etc. reality here. I know who I am, who God is, how I am and what I am “doing”. I know my uniqueness & my gifts and I am here to LIVE THEM fully, to live MY LIFE of my TRUE SELF NOW. ✨ And P.S. Reality here was NOT always reflecting the TRUTH. Especially not to those who activated Unity as first beings here (many thousands years ago.) Since then, other beings have created artificially old duality, conflict based Matrix, to maintain DEPENDENCY & DARKNESS ARTIFICIALLY HERE = anti Unity (Oneness, God) Matrix here, including personal targeting of those first Unity beings, marking & codifying them (for others) as a danger, darkness, evil – the CONTRARY of what they really were a ARE. So if you are reading this, congrats! 🙂👍🏻🐳 The old Matrix is what we are undoing now, and 2017 will be huge about this. Much Unity True & Love, Petra & Josep

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