Feminine & masculine balancing

Huge imbalance of feminine masculine today – too much masculine energy (not precisely divine, but aggression can be felt in collective energy) and too little of feminine. Bring today (these days) more of feminine to your life – 1.st of all LOVE (SELF LOVE), dance, chant, relax, do nothing if you can, sleep – whatever WHAT brings you back into balance. Center also to VALUE & POWER ❤️ of divine feminine & DIVINE MOTHER WITHIN YOU. LOVE, CARE, NUTRITION, FREEDOM. Process your FEARS you may have towards this type of dictator masculine and everything he represents (society, control, laws, limits, power over others, all in neg. sense) You can use our PROCESSING EXERCISE (IG post or web) also process if these are in your masculine part of you, and FOCUS ON WHAT YOU REALLY DESIRE TO CREATE – FROM THE PLACE OF LOVE, NOT FEAR etc. Be BRAVE HEART. It is VERY HELPFUL to center into the CORE OF YOUR BEING – YOUR DIVINE SPARK – where no polarity, just Unity, Oneness, God is – another exercise in post “IT IS IN THE CENTER OF YOUR BEING WHERE YOU ARE MOST POWERFUL”. Our SESSIONS are so much helpful in this – unification, integration processes. ✨This started approx. week ago, as a phase of polarity balancing to facilitate Peace & Unification between them IN US. It was then when Josep started to say channeled phrase “Divine Mother & Divine Father are definitely opened to Unity Love”. In the beginning of every integration cycle he always receive the phrase – which says what’s going on & also serves as a positive affirmation to help us moving through the process. OPEN, OPEN, OPEN UP TO DIVINE MOTHER, FEMININE, honor your processes, be patient ❤️️ (it can manifest these days as encounters with this type of masculine – not only men, also women, as we all have both inside, stupid prehistorical laws which are invalid since time, impediments, society limitations – is popping out, being visible EVERYTHING that is JUST OBSOLETE in both – individual, society level).

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