Divine Father, Divine Mother balancing, opening to Love – both.

A bit of humor 😜 as we are balancing a lot feminine & masculine these days. I am not talking just about men, as women also has her part of masculine 🙂 we are WHOLE. So we all are balancing, harmonizing now these ⚖️ as unification processes we started in December continue. Divine masculine especially DIVINE FATHER & Divine Feminine – especially DIVINE MOTHER – IN US, ARE OPENING MORE TO REALLY DIVINE LOVE. MORE WE OPEN TO DIVINE MOTHER AND ALL SHE REPRESENTS  IN US, MORE WE BECOME HER (US – we are she) & MORE WE ARE ABLE TO CREATE REALITY WHICH REFLECTS IT. Aaaand viceversa! ➡️ The picture is an sample of how the dense part of this universe was created 😁 I think no comments needed 😂😜 but be open to integrate Divine mother & Love – finally – YES. 😜😘❤️ (more in yesterday’s post- “Create from the place of love.”)

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