Create from the place of Love. What do you want to create?

Energy update: coming energies are helping us to remember and reflect about how important LOVE is. Both, self love and love between us. In & out worlds are one. It is not dependency, and it is neither about independency. Neither of them really exists. Sovereignty does. We just feel us, and form part of one immense collective un+consciousness, we take decisions, we create individually & together our world. ✨But WHAT KIND OF WORLD have we created till now as humanity & as individuals? Is it based on LOVE? = DOES IT REALLY REALLY FEEL GOOD? DOES IT SUPPORT OUR TRUE NATURE? The LOVE, purity, openness, innocence you are? Is this world kind? 🦄 Does it support fully our children hearts, our health, peace, joy, abundance, sovereignty, freedom, healthy boundaries? Do you support these in you? ✨These are divine – your nature = divine laws. Divine laws makes you feel good naturally. You are God. ✨SO, WHAT IS REALLY IMPORTANT FOR YOU-US? WHAT ARE OUR PRIORITIES ON WHICH WE WANT TO BUID OUR NEW WORLD – OUR HOME HERE FROM NOW? Individually & as collective? ✨We are individuals and we are one huge organism at the same time. What everyone creates affect, or not the other? Yes it does, to certain level. Can individual be Not affected by others, collective, etc.? To certain point. So are we dependent or independent? Which one is wrong, which one is right? Unity means sovereignty – true divine freedom in existence as individual and being part of something bigger at the same time. It is like a big group of peaces of puzzle which each one of them is different but they are made from the same material, have same potential, are the same, and form one big thing, picture at the same time. THEY FUNCTION PERFECTLY AS ONE IF THEY FOLLOW THEIR TRUE CORE. AS COLLECTIVE THEY SHARE THE SAME BIG DREAM. Will be puzzle affected if one peace decide to not occupy its place? It is the same with us. ✨No matter what you created till now. It does matter what do you want to create from now. Choose just in accordance with your TRUENESS. This is the only way how to create reality which really FEELS GOOD. Be true, follow your divine spark – You. ✨

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