Divine light, power and creation was never ever harmful. Rejecting God, going in the opposite direction than God, was. You are God.

Bum! ✨Thats the energy update- related to ➡️ “Creation of Life” post. ✨ Water element & life creation still going on – UNdoing ARTIFICIAL energetic flow structures of creating death (I use language from higher dimensions, where death means – check post “Creation of life”) in our subtle bodies & other subtle levels & which were connected to the anti divine Matrix functioning here, plus undoing all artificial conduits, canals of deviation of “water” DIVINE LIFE FORCE FLOW, ABUNDANCE – THE CONTROL OF IT… Here was not so free will till now as it seams. Materialization, manifestation of ABUNDANCE (in general, including AFFINITY FRIENDS natural attraction & COCREATION BETWEEN THEM) was influenced through this LIFE (HEALTH, ABUNDANCE, CREATIVITY) DRAINING NETWORK SYSTEM we all are undoing now & restoring the new divine one. You are creator of your life and always was. The question always was – till what point in each time. Till where we could, dear UNITY friends. No frustration around manifestation here. No shame. 💪

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