Energy update : Creation of LIFE.

Energy update: 🐚Water element going on since 4 days now. Huge sea waves here in Catalonia. 🌊 When, in what situations, areas of your life are you swimming AGAINST THE DIVINE FLOW? What is REPRESSED, waiting to be seen, acknowledged, loved & finally ALLOWED TO BE EXPRESSED – ALLOWED TO FLOW in you life? 🌊 All repressed emotions, desires but also limiting subconscious ego based programmings popping out, specially around CREATIVITY & NATURAL SELF EXPRESSION. And the basic natural divine expression is go with the flow – with its nature, intuition, gut..✨ Mind is trying to command all these days 🙂 🌊Oceans and seas represents Earths womb. Water is LIFE & it is connected to our WOMBS OF CREATIONS OF LIFE 🌱 – our VOID SPACE in us (if you are a man on subtle level also). 🌱 CREATION OF DEATH IS SHIFTING TO CREATION OF LIFE. 🌱. In us, in so many deeper levels. By death I don’t mean leaving physical bodies, neither natural processes of letting go of.. whatever. But swimming against the divine flow & rejection of God (or some part) because of stupid ego & mind games, going with the head against the wall – just “because yes”, “because I say so”, “because I am victim – savior, victim- agresor” – All these Ego, Duality & Conflict causing games is what creates UNNATURAL STATES & EXPERIENCES which just does not feel good, causes pain & suffering. Because divine nature, is our true nature, so if someone goes against that, it goes against itself. 🐬So, Letting go of ego human Duality games and allowing & opening to Divine Unity, & specially to Divine Mother is ✨ these days. Connecting to your womb space which can whisper you everything about THE NATURE OF DIVINE UNITY CREATION, but also how this Universe was created and so why it is sometimes so natural here to go unnatural 🙂, to swim against ourselves, and such more difficult to go with the flow, creating HEALTHY, ABUNDANT & PLEASANT REALITY & EXPERIENCES, habits. Till now it was, but let the change occurs in us, relaxing & opening to our TRUE NATURE, to LIVE DIFFERENT WAY as we know till now. GO BEYOND. 🌱✨🐬 Viva la VIDA! 🐬🙂

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