Divine Unity being born in 3D – beginning.

Happy solstice day! 🌛🌞✨We are experiencing lately huge balancing, harmonizing of polarities within us. You can be experiencing more polarity, duality and inner conflicts as usually, as it is through balancing, harmonizing of these within you how the UNIFICATION, merging processes  within us occur. Through “resolving” our inner conflicts which causes duality within us, through openness to the NEW consciousness, visions which come to be integrated. The truth liberates and love heals – it is how & when both polarities can hug each other and merge into One. This is how Unity, Wholeness can be born in us, now finally in 3D (beginning).. 🙂🌱We dare to go beyond Duality to experience OUR TRUE NATURE🌱again, as Whole Unitary Beings 🌱, which are so much beyond just 1 polarity, or mix of both polarities. It is Oneness, our home, it is God, it is us. At first sight it may seem unknown for us. How to translate Unity- God in my 3D world? How to integrate unity in apparently dual world? What does it mean in my daily life? How does it look? 🙂 Mind looks for answers, which for now more than understood by our mind, can be just simply felt in our very center of our beings, and just acting upon that, step by step, bringing it into the life.🌱 Our higher selves are guiding us. It is not unknown, it is YOU. ✨ REMEMBER. ✨Just relax to who you truly are. Go to the VOID,  SILENCE SPACE in you where all answers are, where nothing but the POTENTIAL of ALL exists. Dive into it, go beyond the known, beyond the limits and things you learned. Open up for NEW, expand your horizons. Feel it, breathe it, integrate it in you, into the Earth 🌍 releasing & letting go of what it is not at the same time. ✨ Let the real magic happen in your life, bring it to your life. ✨🦄💖🌛🌞✨

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