Time and space. Past, present, future. Discovering past lives moment :)

Sorry of my recently washed hair 🙂 Wanna to capture the moment of discovering another part of my past live. ✨😍 This never end up!!! Always NEW discoveries which just pop out in the right time. It is part of unification processes to go remembering, and also unifying all time & space, and all time lines – past, present, future. For me I always felt that the idea that past no longer exist was false. It does, and we here, in present are kind of enlighting it, uplifting it as we are integrating new cosnsciousness, visions, healings of love, etc.. and so go merging between them into one can occure. It is part of mergings between dimensions and “ascention” if you would like to call it like that, as from the 6.th dimensions there is no Time-space. 🙂   ✨🐬Do you have moments like that? Do you remember some of your past life? 🙂 Please share with us if you feel so! 💖🐬✨

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