Our Unity Twin Flame Story.

We. Unity twins 💑 Walking from life to life together, anchoring unity in our bodies, to the Earth. It was not always easy-not only because being twinfl. but also bec. being original divine codes holders was not always easy here 🌍, especially in our past lives. ✨ In this life time we met in the moment when I – Petra, was in a point in my life when I was feeling so good with myself. I was not expecting anything to happen. And at that moment Josep appeared. The 1.st feeling I had was: Gosh! You are the 1.st person in my life which is like me! So immensely similar to me – I mean feeling, energy, consciousness, love, sensation of Home, which I felt always inside of me. And  the same kind of humor! 😁😍 And then the ride started! 😁 Many clearings these last years, going step by step with Earth& collective processes. At the same time Remembering all. Huge. Various “I want run away” moments also – typical twin flame sindrome 😂 Being with your twin is not necessarily easy, it is challenging, it is reflecting you all your shadows. And it is so POWERFUL at the same time. High vibration multiple – our first dates we could be together only once x week – as our bodies were aligning and integrating huge shifts after each date! Skin tone was brighter as after taking sun bath, and wee needed to drink tones of water to process those high vibes! It felt incredibly good, so much laughter, fun and love. And at the same time with these vibes obviously things pop up & help to quicker shifts. And.. still profoundly IN LOVE almost 5 years now. Heart to heart, so close and sovereign at the same time. Both feeling whole – inside and between us. Immensely happy, in absolute gratitude.. no words can describe. Just big humble THANK YOU.. ❤💙💜💛💚 Energies now are helping in twinflame unions on physical level now, and if you already have one – going more profound, open so much more, be more vulnerable & empowered at the same. You can process your stuff around using our processing exercise, or anything which works for you, or you can check out our sessions. Shall we do some Twin flame centered session too – “using” divine perfection Codes specifically for this? What do you think? 🙂🐬✨💖

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