New Earth Grid Upgrade

Energy update: NEW EARTH GRID upgrade, preparation to 12.12 portal opening – it already starts – as always some days before, and after is perceptible. Huge heart activations today 💖, these days breathe, let go, tune into the New which is coming, into the New Earth Grid, it is preparation for 2017. Year of Unity – unification, integration on many levels, so for ex. dimensionally it is between you, your higher self, your spirit – becoming WHO YOU REALLY ARE, Oneness, Unity, WHOLE being again. Aligning these all to this 3D dimension, to your physical body. Let go of old, and Anchor THE NEW to the Earth, to your body, to YOUR DAILY LIFE. It starts already now with this gate opening as preparation. It is what you have signed up, and for what you have been waiting for. It means alignment of your DREAMS with dreams of your soul, higher self & spirit. So you can help the process of unifying and aligning of what you want with with you higher dimensions desires – and see how it feels, see how your life change if you let it flow into your DAILY LIFE with less resistance as possible to it, removing everything which is not in alignment, every DISTRACTIONS etc. & establishing PRIORITIES, BRINGING WHAT YOU REALLY WANT, what is REALLY IMPORTANT 4 YOU IN ALL LEVELS AS ONE. And it will be beyond imagination Good for YOU. Live it. We are multidimensional beings, integrating all dimensions into your 3D physicality here. It means much letting go, and much opening for the New – but at the same time already well known Unity – the ESSENCE you are, you are your heaven home. It means more authenticity, freedom in being who you are, bringing life to your true dreams, it means no less than start of bringing God, Oneness, heaven home here – to you, earth, our world. Happy HEART activation day today and days ahead also! ❤💛💚💙💜 FEEL THOSE TRUE TRUE PRIORITIES, DREAMS, IMPORTANCES.. love, Petra

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